Proprietary E-Commerce Dashboard & Optimization engine. Marketplace and e-retail consolidated view and optimization suggestions and actions engine enabled by AI & ML. Aggregates data from marketplaces like Amazon, Noon, Flipkart. Give tangible action points to improve your visibility and thus sales

  • 01
  • Data upload & analysis.

  • 02
  • Improved product listing measures

  • Keyword research and integration for seller partner SEO.
  • Proper posting layouts and information arrangement.
  • Category analysis to improve visibility
  • Product image analysis for listing optimization suggestions.
  • Pricing analysis and optimization.
  • Data sanitization.
  • Analysis for pending customer quarries.
  • Promote reviews from customers.
  • Inventory analysis for product availability.
  • Improving shipping and order process.

  • 03
  • Historic data storage to help prepare progress reports for visualization.

  • 04
  • Data Visualization.

  • 05
  • Drive traffic from outside sources (Advertisement and media campaigns)