5 E-commerce Trends to Follow in 2021

E-commerce and its ever-changing landscape are thrilling as well as alarming. No doubt, the year 2020 was drastic for all. But, this unexpected change brought new challenges for e-commerce trends. Fortunately, the online marketplace got exposure and become brighter with SEO strategy and new opportunities. Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process that cannot predict what’s coming next. Well-structured SEO for e-commerce enables online sellers to optimize their online shop and reap the benefits. Although, there is not any fixed recipe to ensure high rank on the search engines, some checklists one needs to follow to rank well with the relevant keywords. It also helps them to avoid the risk of Google Penalties. A well-structured e-Commerce SEO plan drives genuine traffic, attracts more shoppers, and generates more sales. A store with an e-Commerce SEO strategy and checklist helps to achieve business goals with top search rankings. 

Why eCommerce SEO checklist is needed?

  • Create a foundation for a strong e-commerce presence
  • Keyword research let the audience reach your store
  • Enables to identify your industry and audience
  • Lets you recognize and solve the issues
  • Builds brand and web store credibility 
  • Optimized pages enhance customers on-site experience 

These above-mentioned SEO benefits for the online marketplace ensure improved user-experience with an enhanced position on the digital platforms or search engines. SEO for e-commerce with ever-changing Google Algorithms plays a significant role to boost the ranking, sales and revenue. Ultimate SEO checklist with onsite and offsite strategy lets your targeted audience explore your store with no hassle. Remember, your store’s presence on the first page gets a traffic inflow of 32 per cent. This data demonstrates the level of competition the e-commerce industry is facing nowadays. The rising trend in the digital industry assures a bright and prosperous future in 2021 that positively influences the perspective and behaviour of potential customers. Unique and advanced SEO strategy for e-commerce can be proven as a favourable step that an online seller or entrepreneur must take to grow their business. Following are some trends that will work with SEO checklists to shape the e-commerce industry in 2021:

Ecommerce Trends of 2021

  • Voice Commerce Will Revolutionize Shopping Experience

Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo with Alexa, Google Home with Google Assistant paved a way for the e-commerce industry. By the year 2021, consumers will prefer to have a voice search rather than a manual search. Voice commerce will be a popular technology to be used by online shoppers. Having an SEO optimized online store with voice search will add value to your web store. This innovative technology will meet the customer’s expectations in 2021. 

So, what you need to do first is to activate voice-based navigation on your mobile app and website.

  • Omnichannel Shopping Will Deliver Seamless Customer Experience 

Omnichannel emerged as an innovative perspective among online shoppers. It offers them online window shopping with flawless and trustworthy experience on different channels and devices. Ecommerce SEO strategy allows online sellers to optimize their customer’s experience at every stage of the shopping process. It includes the optimization of websites or mobile apps, utilization of the tools such as SAP commerce cloud for a more personalized and wide-ranging e-commerce experience. Offering multiple shipping options with both physical and online presence assists customers to have a wonderful shopping experience: 

  • Buy online and get doorstep delivery
  • Buy online and receive from the store
  • Buy in-store and choose home deliver      

Now, it’s time to interconnect your online and offline business into a platform and offer a multi-channel shopping experience to the targeted audience just by a click.

  • Social Shopping – A Rising Trend of Ecommerce In 2021

This new e-commerce methodology is gradually rising and delivering online shoppers a unique experience through social channels. This e-commerce trend has enhanced the selling capabilities of the online sellers too by enabling them to create social selling features. Shopping from social sites cut down the endeavours of buyers to find a specific product or service. It allows consumers to shop productively and conveniently. SEO for e-commerce improves web images, sets up social media posts, and generate creative ideas to elevate the customer’s presence on their social pages. Social media advertising and marketing improve your store’s visibility and direct customers to buy products or services.

  • Domestic to Cross Border Shopping – New Shopping Approach 

eCommerce SEO trend 2021 will encourage shoppers to buy products from outside of their home country. It will enable the e-commerce industry to be a globalized shopping platform for its customers. This unique and attractive source of shopping delivers many advantages to their targeted audience. Online sellers can adopt this trend to enhance their presence for cross-border e-commerce. You might be thinking, what’s the next step to implement this trend in 2021:

  1. Create a multi-language website with international standards
  2. Implement an effective SEO strategy to reach your cross-border audience
  3. Increase brand and product awareness through digital advertisements
  4. Set up social media platforms to enhance the cross-border online selling
  5. Connect with the cross-border audience through email ads & other resources
  • AR & AI – Next eCommerce Revolution in 2021

No doubt, eCommerce turned into the hottest industry due to the pandemic of Covid-19. It also facilitated new technologies to augment their customer’s experience. Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technology came up as innovative technologies that made customer’s online shopping convenient and delightful. As well, it gave brands an opportunity to be a vital part of their existing and potential customers. Algorithms of these technologies allow online sellers to be aware of the current trends, sales channels, and buyer’s behaviour. The below-mentioned points will help you to understand the benefits of these revolutionary technologies are included in the e-commerce SEO checklist:

Artificial Intelligence Benefits:

  • Allows you to retarget potential customers
  • Helps you to identify the exceptional target products
  • Promotes an effective sales process
  • Delivers a personal touch to the customers
  • Supports voice assistants

Augmented Reality Benefits:

  • Decreases the numbers of improbability before purchase
  • Delivers unique information to online shoppers
  • Generate buzz around your website or app
  • Attractive packaging adds value to make the purchase easy

Online store and mobile apps integrated with these technologies provide personalized control to the customer. As well as it enables to cut the hurdles, customers used to face during the purchase. 

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